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Terms & Conditions

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We request you read all these terms and conditions carefully before proceeding to registration. If you have any doubt related to our terms and conditions you can email us to avoid any unpleasant scenario afterward. By registering, you are accepting all these Terms and Conditions. Visitors who do not register to become a member of TuitionToppers.com service are also similarly bound by these terms and conditions each time they access TuitionToppers.com service.

  1. By using our service you agree to these terms and conditions.
  2. It is mandatory that you accept our terms and conditions before proceeding with your registration.
  3. If you are registering on Tuitiontoppers.com, then you are accepting our Refundable Policy.
  4. The purpose of Tuitiontoppers is to establish a connection between a Student and a Tutor.
  5. Members acknowledge that Tuitiontoppers.com gives no guarantee that the website is free of viruses, worms, or any other form of harmful components.
  6. These Terms will be subject to Indian Law and the jurisdiction of India.
  7. Tuitiontoppers.com believe that all documents and details submitted by Parents/Student/Tutors are true. You allow us to share your documents and details with the client if needed for cross-verification or any legal proceedings.
  8. Our goal is to help Parents and Students who are looking for the best Home Tutors (by connecting them to tutors via an online service platform) and Tutors who are looking for home tuition for teaching Students to earn experience or money (by connecting them with Students and parents).
  9. Aadhar Card and Mobile Number are mandatory to use our service.
  10. By registering on Tuitiontoppers.com, you allow us to publish your information on our website. The information you provide will be accessible to internet users around the world.
  11. Tuitiontoppers reserves the right to modify aspects of Tuitiontoppers.com service, or the entirety of it, where we have legal or commercial reasons to do so.
  12. As we act as a third party service provider, we just charge for sharing profiles of Parents/Students with our Tutors and vice versa.
  13. Students/Parents/Teachers are requested to submit all the details genuine such as Name, Gender, Mobile Number, Email, Aadhar card(or any other identity proof), etc. If found given fake details, then their membership will be cancelled at any time without providing any prior notice and no money shall be refunded at any cause.
  14. If any Student/Parent/Tutor is found harming the website or posting any pornographic matter, that is a legal crime then appropriate actions against the him will be taken as per Indian laws without any notice.
  15. For Parents/Students

  16. One Free participation can be availed by Parents/Students.
  17. Parents/Students can avail of only one free Demo Class. In case you are unhappy with the tutor experience, it is not our responsibility, as random tutors can register on Tuitiontoppers.com and become temporary members, which enables them to apply for random tuition by viewing the profiles of parents and Students who are seeking tutoring.
  18. Parents/Students can purchase a best-suited plan to place more than 1 Demo Class if they wish to find the best tutor for their child or themselves.
  19. In order to receive better responses from tutors, Students/parents should provide as much information as possible when posting tuition requirements at Tuitiontoppers.com.
  20. Parents/Students should be aware of Tutors while calling them for Demo Class/Teaching at home. If any cause / incident / crime / accident / misshapen / loss etc occurs to anyone then we don’t take any type of responsibility.
  21. Parent/Student acknowledges that it is their responsibility to verify the credentials and qualifications of any Tutor while entering into a tuition contract.
  22. Parents/Students should understand and agree that they will take classes by the teacher if and only if at least one parent/guardian is present in the house. TutionToppers.com will not be responsible for any casualty or accident or damage that happens to Student.
  23. Parents/Students should confirm the teacher's profile by calling TuitionTeacher.com before scheduling a Demo Class at home. Parents/Students can also collect the Aadhar card (or any other identity proof) for confirmation of the Teacher's Profile. Parents/Students should save the mobile number and name of the teacher after being contacted by a random teacher for a Demo Class or Teaching.
  24. Parent/Student wishing to hire a female tutor should consider the timing or the timing should be decided according to the female tutor for her safety.
  25. For Tutors

  26. There is no free participation for tutors on our website.
  27. Tutor cannot charge for Demo Classes from Students/Parents.
  28. Whenever possible, apply for tuition where no one else has applied.
  29. Tutors(especially Female Tutors) should be aware and carefull while going for Teaching/Demo Class at the Student's home.
  30. Tutor should understand and agree that they will teach the Student if and only if, at least one parent is present in the home. Tuitiontoppers.com will not be responsible for any casualty or accident or damage that happens at Students Place.
  31. If a Female Tutor is going for a demonstration or teaching in a home (known or unknown), she should be aware of the circumstances. When tutors go to random home tuition, they should inform their parents, guardians, friends, and relatives. It is recommended that they take a person with them to ensure their safety. Any cause / incident / crime / accident / misshapen / loss occurs to you, then we don’t take any type of responsibility of any Tutor.
  32. We don’t take any type of responsibility related to monthly/hourly fees/payment of Tutors because the details provided on Tuitiontoppers.com are filled by Parents/Students themselves. We just show those details to Tutors so that they can have an idea of whether they should apply for the tuition or just ignore it. The monthly fee/payment of the Tutor is not our responsibility as we don’t get involved in it, it should be confirmed by Tutors while entering into a tuition contract.
  33. If any tutor is found sending another person for tuition(s) then his membership will be cancelled. And no future participation will be allowed.
  34. It is mandatory to read and understood the procedure of applying for tuition before applying for any Tuition.
  35. Tutors will get number of Connects(ie, 1, 2 ,3,….8) according to their best chosen plan. With 1 Connect they can apply for only one tuition and view the details of that tuition such as Mobile number and full Address of the Parent/Student.
  36. Tutors should check the status of the tuition before applying for any tuition. If you feel difficulty or any type of issue you can contact to our Help executive.
  37. Tutors should be carefull while using their Connects because no Connects will be given back at any cause.
Regards Tuition Toppers (tuitiontoppers.com)